About Us.

Hi, I am Arvita,
Ross (my husband and best friend) and I welcome you to Elam’s Flights Of Fancy our online site and store.
We live in Spokane Washington, it is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are a retired, disabled couple, living and loving what we do. Being able to make ends meet and having so much fun doing it is such a blessing.
We love spending time with our three grown children,  their wives and husbands and our 5 beautiful, wonderful, marvelous grand kids. Oh and we must not leave out all of our family’s fur babies. I think as last count there was about 12 oh and fish tanks and a Tokay  gecko, who is living at my brothers now.
Ross and I spend our days very busy crafting, making jewelry,  we also paper craft, scrapbook, create digital scrap kits. and lets see i know there is more. Oh we both sculpt with polymer clay and of course spend time searching for and purchasing jewelry for our store (it is so much fun searching for things that are different, beautiful and fun).
Ross owns and sets up a little jewelry station downtown across from Riverpark Square. He has a peddlers license and spends his weekends downtown with his jewelry, and visiting with the many folks he meets there. Yep he is my social butterfly! LOL.

So… Spend a little time with us, look around and maybe just maybe “We Can Help Tickle Your Fancy”, We would love to get to know you and share our love of the crafts with you. Coming soon will be a digital scrap kit section, … I am working on more YouTube videos to share as well.

Visit our photo album to see projects finished and in progress click here to visit there. Have fun!

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